A 19-Year-Old Lab Mix That Was Surrendered To A Texas Shelter Is Being Cared For By Her Friends, Who Are Spoiling Her Rotten.

A 19-Year-Old Lab Mix That Was Surrendered To A Texas Shelter Is Being Cared For By Her Friends, Who Are Spoiling Her Rotten.

Unfortunately, it was not always this way. The previous owner of the Labrador retriever mix surrendered the elderly dog to a Dallas Animal Services facility during the summer. Annie was reported to be in a fragile state upon arrival at the shelter and given a prognosis of only one month to live by the veterinarians.

Annie’s story was shared by Dallas Animal Services on social media with an appeal to animal lovers to consider fostering her, ensuring that her final month was filled with love.

According to PEOPLE, upon discovering Annie’s advertisement on Dallas Animal Services, Lauren Siler, the business analyst, felt compelled to acquire her and stated, “I had to find a way to bring her home.”

According to Siler, Lisa, who is both my roommate and best friend, exclaimed, “We must get her,” upon seeing her picture.

Upon reaching out to Dallas Animal Services, Siler and Lisa Flores expressed interest in fostering the elderly dog. The shelter directed them to The Pawerful Rescue, which had assumed responsibility for Annie’s well-being until a foster home became available.

Siler applied for fostering with Flores and she mentioned that Powerful Rescue had been transparent about Annie’s illness and the veterinarians had predicted that they would have only a month with her.


Annie’s shorter deadline didn’t faze Siler and Flores. The two friends, who became acquainted while working at an elementary school five years ago, resolved to pamper the Lab mix and provide her with an unforgettable month. Siler and Flores compiled a bucket list for Annie, ensuring that every day was replete with happiness, affection, and coziness.


Siler explained that when Lisa and they adopted her at the end of June, they had expected her to stay for only a month, which is when he came up with the concept of creating a bucket list.

She remembers how it all started with just a car trip, swimming, a birthday party, and Christmas in July, but it quickly grew into something much bigger.

As July drew to a close, Flores and Siler, the duo responsible for documenting Annie’s bucket list adventures on Instagram (@dallasanimalfoster), determined that Annie was not yet prepared to depart. As a result, the pair decided to expand the list even further.

Annie has an impressive resume, having painted, cooked as a chef, crafted homemade dog treats, organized baby showers, embarked on a hamburger adventure, and engaged in countless other endeavors, as noted by Siler. Moreover, with her substantial following of over 19,000 fans, Annie receives numerous recommendations for her future exploits.

Annie has exceeded the predictions of her veterinarian by a significant margin. Despite being predicted to live for just a month in June, the dog is still having a great time with her foster family today.

Siler added that he believed she quickly realized that residing here was “the good life,” where we planned to spoil her excessively, comply with her every request for a treat, take her on excursions, and provide her with a lavish lifestyle for the duration of her stay with us.


When Annie isn’t crossing off items from her bucket list, she enjoys indulging in leisurely activities such as relaxing, snoozing, taking potty breaks, and receiving mail.

“Whenever fan letter packages arrive, her face lights up with a wide grin. It’s really amusing! Her smile is genuine and she absolutely loves receiving letters. We began capturing her ‘smile’ every time someone sends her something on Instagram, and it has garnered a lot of attention,” Siler remarks.

Annie is a big fan of indulging in food and will even break out into a “happy dance” for it. Siler and Flores are optimistic that Annie’s admirers will be encouraged to consider adopting older rescue animals, thanks to the endearing puppy-like qualities exhibited by this senior dog.

We encourage people to adopt and nurture animals. Unfortunately, due to the excessive number of animals in shelters, many are euthanized regularly. While we cherish Annie, she is not unique. A multitude of animals like her are currently residing in shelters, yearning for someone to provide them with love and care,” states Siler.

According to her, the sheltered elderly dogs have sacrificed a lot for their owners, but unfortunately, they were left behind. Thus, she strongly believes that it is our responsibility to support these senior dogs so that they can live the rest of their lives with dignity and strength.

As long as the dog remains enthusiastic and involved in the activities, Annie’s bucket list will remain active. To catch a glimpse of Annie’s latest escapades, check out @dallasanimalfoster on Instagram.

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