A dog rescues a stray kitten and brings her home.


The following story describes how a kind Golden Retriever dog saves and adopts a stray kitten. When a stray kitten was abandoned on the streets, an unexpected savior came to its aid and saved its life. A young white kitten was hungry and alone on the streets until a compassionate Golden Retriever discovered it in a parking lot and carefully carried it to the car.

They rode to what was to become her new home. When they arrived, the kind dog gave up the kitten to the rescuers who could best save her. They continued to bottle feed the kitten and cover her in a blanket to keep her warm because she was obviously hungry.
The dog was worried about the cat and soon became the feline’s mother, best friend, and protector. The kitten was allowed to stay after such a wonderful rescue. Who could say no to such a darling little face?

The kitten continued to grow and thrive after being fed by hand. Her canine companion was watching her. The mother instincts of the loving puppy took over, and she would clean and take the little kitten to the litter box.
The dog would keep an eye on the kitten while she was playing, and the two would take long naps together. They spend their entire day together, much like a mother and child, and the dog guards her young kitten.

They’ve become close and can’t stop playing together. What says a dog and a cat can’t be best friends? These two are living proof that it was all in their heads. These two could not be cuter or more in love with one other.


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