Because he grew up with cats, the dog behaves similarly to them.


The truth is that puppies absorb a lot from their surroundings. Actually, babies learn how to interact with the world around them from a young age by observing and playing with their siblings and mother. Much of what teenagers do as they become older is impacted by their observations and life experiences.

Mako, the adorable dog in our story, grew up to become an Olympic climber, which is not surprising. Mako grew up witnessing two cats fly to incredible heights and he was determined to do the same.

Mako observed his feline pals climbing onto the countertops and the refrigerator and reasoned that he could do the same. He didn’t allow the fact that he’s a dog to deter him from achieving his ambitions. He rapidly demonstrated his ability by following the cats on their adventures above the floor.

While some dogs will sneak onto the counter, the vast majority will not try to jump on top of the refrigerator. Mako, however, does! This four-legged wonder dog isn’t frightened of heights and likes looking down on the world from his incredible perch.

The Castillers, who own Mako, described how they felt the first time they watched Mako leap up on the fridge: “I didn’t realize until I really saw him hop atop the fridge that dogs can simply easily jump like that.” It’s easy to understand.

The Castillers, who own Mako, recounted how they felt the first time they saw him jump up on the fridge: “I didn’t believe until I saw him hop atop the fridge that dogs can just jump like that.” It’s simple to grasp.

Mako likes to surprise his family by taking them for walks in unusual places. His family joked that he would rather spend time with the cats than with them. They must, however, take care not to leave food out on the counters, since nothing is off-limits to this adorable creature!

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