Dog Found Running Loose 16 Times Finally has No Reason to Run Away from Home


A Pit Bull found running at large 16 times by animal control in Richmond, VA, has finally found a reason to stay put.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) shared this heartwarming story of Gucci, a restless dog who has appeared at RACC’s doorstep a record number of times since 2014.

“Is there a section in the Guinness World Record book for the number of times a dog is picked up/found stray/running at large? If so, Gucci wins. By a landslide. Meet Gucci — he is a giant happy butterball of pitbull goodness that thinks everyone is his friend. He first came to RACC in 2014 and we loved him from the start,” the shelter writes on Facebook.

“Since then, he has come back to RACC, picked up by our officers (he jumps in the truck when we call him) or brought in by citizens 16 times. That’s right 16 TIMES! It’s insane.”

The shelter explains that Gucci’s previous owners have been charged (multiple times) and finally gave him up. And it didn’t take long for Gucci to find a new home – with one of the families who picked him up on one of his jaunts.

“Gucci was OFFICIALLY adopted yesterday by a sweet family that has known him for some time (they caught him earlier this year and he spent the night at their house)! This dog must have a team of guardian angels watching over him; how he has not gotten hurt on his jaunts across the City we will never know. Thank GOODNESS for wonderful people and we wish Gucci well in his new forever home!”

Upon reading the news one of the other families who had taken care of Gucci reached out to his new family and they got a response.

It’s great to hear that Gucci has a good home and one where the family will look out for what is best for his health and happiness.

And for those wondering if Gucci’s situation is an unusual one, a soon-to-retire Dog Control Officer says “no”.

Pat Shannon Gay commented on Gucci’s situation and wrote, “Not so unusual. As a Dog Control Officer (DCO) soon to retire after 15 years on the job, I can easily remember one who we picked up or connected finder with owner at least 14 times. The dog ran constantly in 3 separate rural towns, was picked up by all 3 DOCs and ran up fines of over 1000 dollars. He finally went unclaimed and was sent to a rescue where he was neutered and adopted to a couple who were marathon runners. He joined them training and is happily ever after. Former owner now has another dog running at large. It’s not the dog, it’s the owner.”

And it also seems that dogs love RACC. Just the other day, a stray husky jumped right into a RACC officer’s vehicle! Could he be the next Gucci?



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