Dog Owners Tell Funny Stories of Dogs Who Never Forgot the Times They Found Food Outside


Determined, hopeful, persistent. Those are just a few of the words describing the dogs recently described in a charming Twitter thread about dogs and their long memories for the unexpected treats they’ve found while out exploring.

One reader went as far as to declare it “the most adorable thread ever and an enduring testament to the undying optimism of all dogs! A real treat to read.”

It all began when Chris Bramwell tweeted a picture of his dog Dusty with his nose in a bush. He wrote, “A month ago Dusty found half a pie in this bush, so every day until the end of time we must closely inspect the Magic Pie Bush.”

Dogs are scavengers by nature, and it seems that Dusty has been struck by that hope that lingers in the memory of every dog who is lucky enough to find a forbidden treat. And many dog owners identified with Chris and his story of Dusty.

Soon after, @WilcoFour responded with a picture of his own dog, Devo, who once happened upon a piece of lasagna in the shrubbery. He responded, “Mine found a lasagna in a bush in a graveyard 4 years ago and to this day he still runs miles ahead to search the same spot on the rare times we go back.”

He made sure to back up the claim with a photo of the scene of Devo’s devotion.

It seems Dusty and Devo are not the only dogs hoping “lighting will strike twice” when it comes to finding a tasty morsel again. Other Twitter users shared their dogs’ magical food encounters.

Several warned Bramwell that a month of searching is nothing. Their dogs have been searching for years after striking “food gold”.

Sometimes the treats literally hit the dogs’ on the nose!

Other times, one man’s trash became a dog’s treasure to be remembered forever.

Other dogs had the treat magically bestowed upon them.

Linda Rodriguez sums up the pithy wisdom of dogs and their eternal hope perfectly. “The glass is never half-empty for dogs,” she tweeted. “It’s never even empty when nothing’s in it, if it’s once been full.”

Has your dog ever found a treat spot they will never forget?


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