Dogs are Family at Weddings


Including dogs in wedding ceremonies is an increasingly common practice, as owners are valuing dogs as not just pets, but members of their family. We spend time with our dogs every day and think about them when we can’t be with, so it just makes sense to invite them to participate in one of the most important days of our lives. Known as a human’s best friend, dogs are now becoming best-men, ring bearers, flower girls, escorts and members of the wedding party.

For those who believe that dogs are family everyday and especially on special occasions, we’ve put together a collection of photos from members who made sure that their dogs took part in the special moments of their lives.

Dogs are family at weddings
“I changed venues of wedding from a church to a park just so my border collie could be my flower girl and my brother’s border collie could be the ring bearer. It’s what I always said I wanted and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This is one photo of me and Paigey; the first response is always ‘In your dress?!?’ Well, duh.”
~ Submitted by Jennifer Kelch

Dogs are family at wedding
This is my dog Gabe and the light of my world. He was my puppy of honor/best pet at my wedding. He got to be with me for pictures and as you can see by his smile, he loved it!!! He is such a ham for any camera!“~ Submitted by Crystal

Dogs are family at weddings~ Submitted by Alicia Satterwhite Jacobson

Dogs are family at weddings

He is my child and would not have had it any other way then to have him with us on our special day!! He is Rhodesian and Pitbull… He is a rescue from a garbage can.” ~ Submitted by Melissa Rice Deimler

Dogs are family at weddings
“She spent most of the day on the train of the wedding dress – the dress was put to good use :)”
~ Submitted by Jessica Weigel

Dogs are family at weddings~ Submitted by Stefanie Remson

Dogs are family at weddings
This is a photo of me and my Hearing Dog, Hattie on my wedding day. Hattie was trained by Dogs for the Deaf. She is trained to alert me to the oven timer, microwave, doorbell, door knock, telephone, alarm clock, smoke detector and someone calling my name. She walked me down the aisle with my father to give me away. She also stood with us during the ceremony…because she is the other half of me and because she is family! She is not only “My ears” but my best friend too!
~ Submitted by Jennifer Warsing Hampton

Dogs are family at weddings
“I ordered George’s tuxedo from Hong Kong it took 2 weeks to arrive in Jersey Channel Islands but then he had to have 4 fittings before it would fit. He only wore it for the photo shoot but was so worth it, the guests loved it :)”
~ Submitted by Anne Mullock

“Just had to have him at my special day :)”
~ Submitted by Kassi Briana Adams

Brian & Melissa, 4.16.11
~ Submitted by Lissa Joy Dig

Shelby & Mama….Dignan Wedding
~ Submitted by Lissa Joy Dig

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