Our Fur Friends Beautifully Captured by Winners of Dog Photographer of the Year 2019


Every year the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom holds a Dog Photographer of the Year contest. And every year the photographs astound and delight. You don’t have to be a dog lover to appreciate these beautiful photographs, but if you are, the photos take on an extra layer of emotion.

In this the fourteenth year of the competition, the judges received almost 7,000 entries from over 70 countries around the globe. With so many talented photographers picking the winning shots must be a daunting task. This year’s overall winner and winner in the “Oldies” category is a beautiful photo of Merlin, a 14-year-old rescue Podengo.

1st Place Oldies/Overall Winner. © Denise Czichocki

The dog sits amongst a magnolia setting and is entitled “Dreaming Merlin”. Denise Czichocki from Switzerland said of her win, “I am really proud and overwhelmed, I still can’t believe it!” She says that her passion for dog photography started when she had her first dog. “I wanted to create lovely memories of all of them. Over the years I have developed my photography to become more emotional.”

Other winners include last year’s winner, Monica van der Maden from the Netherlands, who won both the ‘Puppy’ category with a heart-warming image of two Weimeraner puppies and the ‘Dogs at Play’ category with a mischievous photo of Waylon the Australian Shepherd.

1st Place Puppies © Monica van der Maden

1st Place Dogs at Play. © Monica van der Maden

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Dorine Scherpel from Canada, who won the ‘Dogs at Work’ category with her photo which was captured in The Lake District earlier this year; Cat Race from the UK who won the ‘Man’s Best Friend’ category; Anastasia Vetkovskaya from Russia, who won the ‘Portrait’ category with a stunning Saluki; ‘Young Pup Photographer’ winner, 11-year-old Sabine Wolpert from the United States; and Mariah Mobley from the United States who won the ‘I Love Dogs Because…’ category.

The winner of the ‘Assistance Dogs’ category was Angelika Elendt from Germany for her portrayal of the important role dogs play in helping people with mental, emotional and/or physical disabilities. Anne Geier from Austria was named the winner of the ‘Rescue Dog’ award and her photo captured the close bond between her and her rescue crossbreed Finn.

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Dogs At Play

2nd Place Dogs at Play © Zoltan Kecskes

3rd Place Dogs at Play © Angela Blewaska

Dogs at Work

1st Place Dogs at Work © Dorine Scherpel

2nd Place Dogs at Work © Katie Behan

3nd Place Dogs at Work © Nadezhda Ivanova

I Love Dogs Because

1st place I Love Dogs Because © Mariah Mobley

2nd place I Love Dogs Because © Luca Gombo

3rd place I Love Dogs Because © Flora Wilson

Judges Special Mention © Robyn Holysh

Assistance Dogs

1st Place Assistance Dogs © Angelika Elendt

2nd Place Assistance Dogs © Tracy Allard

3rd Place Assistance Dogs © Melissa Bastin

Judges Special Mention Assistance Dogs © Luciana Veras

Judges Special Mention Assistance Dogs © Cat Topham

Man’s Best Friend

1st Place Man’s Best Friend © cat_race

2nd Place Man’s Best Friend © Alexandra Novitskaya

3rd Place Man’s Best Friend © Michele Mccue

Judges Special Mention Man’s Best Friend © Carin Harris


1st Place Oldies/ Overall Winner © Denise Czichocki

2nd Place Oldies © Cat Race

3rd place Oldies © Susan Lang

Judges Special Mention Oldies © Monica van der Maden


1st Place Portrait © Anastasia Vetkovskaya

2nd Place Portrait © Ria Putzker

3rd Place Portrait © Sheena Staples


1st Place Puppies © Monica van der Maden

2nd Place Puppies © Carlos Aliperti

3rd Place Puppies © Lotte van Alderen

Young Pup Photographer

1st Place Young Pup Photographer © Sabine Wolpert

2nd Place Young Pup Photographer © Eilidh Shannon

3rd Place Young Pup Photographer © Eve Garner

Rescue Dogs

1st Place Rescue Dogs © Anne Geier

2nd Place Rescue Dogs © Tiahang Zhang

3rd Place Rescue Dogs © Luciana Veras

Judges Special Mention Rescue Dogs © Louise Farrell

Judges Special Mention Rescue Dogs © Rodrigo Capuski

All of the winning images plus the photos that placed second and third for each category will be on display at the Kennel Club in London from 5th July until 3rd October, 2019. The exhibition is open to the public and free to visit by appointment. Anyone wishing to visit, should contact the Art Gallery office via [email protected]

To find out more about the Dog Photographer of the Year contest visit their website and on Instagram.

The Kennel Club is the largest organization in the UK devoted to dog health, welfare and training. Its objective is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners. It runs the country’s largest registration database for both pedigree and crossbreed dogs and the Petlog database, which is the UK’s biggest reunification service for microchipped animals.  More information on the Kennel Club can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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