Puppy Runs Up to Woman Out Front of Her Home and Asks to Join Her Family


An impromptu conversation about her cat out front of her home resulted in a new canine companion for Elba when a small puppy appeared out of nowhere.

And as you are about to read, the rescue of her dog Ellie wasn’t as straightforward as it seems. Elba shared her touching story with DogHeirs as part of our Rescued Dogs are Family series.

Here is Ellie’s story in Elba’s words:

“In 2018 as I was getting ready to head to work. I was having a discussion with my husband as my rescued garden kitty was by the driveway and I was telling him I did not want the cat in the front yard as I felt it wasn’t safe and was begging him for a catio.

“From the corner of my eye I saw a tiny dog running towards me, crossing the street. She immediately seemed happy to see me as if she knew me.”

Submitted by Elba

“She then greeted Autumn the cat but Autumn didn’t like the greeting so she gave her a warning and sent the dog crying. I realized she was just a puppy. Smaller than the cat. I picked her up to see the gender and it was a girl!

“My husband right away said ‘DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, JUST GO TO WORK.” I asked if I could at least feed her and he said yes, ‘but only on the front porch.’ I didn’t have dog food so I left some cat food for her and sadly left to work.

“Two hours later I called my husband to check If puppy was still there, and his reply was ‘God darn it! Yes it’s still there!’ I immediately took off from work and went back home. Got the puppy and immediately started making lost puppy fliers. Then I went and got some puppy food and on the way back I stopped at the nearest vet hospital to check if puppy was microchipped. Surprisingly she was.”

Submitted by Elba

“I was told the puppy had been rescued from a hoarding situation and she, along with her mother and lots of other dogs, had been taken to the local city shelter. She had been adopted two weeks prior at only 10 weeks old and her name was Hope.

“They called adopter to let them know I had found their puppy and to everyone’s surprise they hung up on the vet technician. I was then told I had two choices. I could either take her back to the shelter where she came from or I could hold on to her, giving the owner 10 days to see if they changed their mind about her. I chose the latter option.

Submitted by Elba

“The next 10 days were excruciating. I did not want to let the puppy go but I knew I had to wait the time. On the 10th Day the vet called me to say they had not heard from previous owner and asked if I was still interested in her. I was jumping with joy and said absolutely.

“Her name was immediately changed to Elena Luna (Ellie for short) and I was legally her mom. The microchip information was updated and she has become my best friend.

Submitted by Elba

“Ellie is now 3 years old. She enjoys living with her sibling cats and loves going on walks with mom. She even has her own Instagram account.”

Did you rescue your dog? If you’d like to share your rescue story, email your photos and stories directly to us under the Subject “Rescue dogs are family” to team (at) dogheirs (dot) com.


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