Rescued Pit Bull Defends Her Owner from Attack at Dog Park


Persia the Pit Bull recently visited a dog park with her guardian, ladygrefenberg. But while there, they had a scary encounter with a small dog they had not seen before. ladygrefenberg recounts her story and why she was very grateful for the loving community at the dog park, who came to their aid:

“Let me start by introducing to you my sweet doofus. This is Persia, the day we picked her up from wandering the street. She was very scared and shy.”

Persia “grew up exposed to different animals, big, small, kids and elders. She is gentle, has been used to visit sick people in the hospitals.”

“My Persia is always, always friendly. She knows every dog there, and every hooman. She kisses everybody. I sometimes wonder, if I ever get attacked, would she just give my attacker kisses?”

“Always a snuggle-bug, she’ll sneak in at night to sleep with me, even when she has a more comfortable memory foam bed. The reason why I am sore every morning, is because she thinks I am her personal pillow.”

“Today, a new dog was at the park, i think it was a Shih Tzu, it was pretty yippy and snappy at everybody. It somehow got away from its hooman and started running after me. It bit my ankle (Achilles) through my socks. It actually really hurt. Persia then grabbed it by the back of the neck and threw it away. She didn’t do anything else. I didn’t even hear her growl. But the little sh*t dog started crying bloody murder. I was so scared it got really hurt by Persia. Luckily there wasn’t any puncture wound at all.”

“I, however, was bleeding while I was being berated by the lady who owned the dog. She said pit-bulls are a menace. She screamed and cursed at me, she said she’ll sue me and send my monster to a kill shelter. She called the cops.”

“I was shaking in anger and fear. Even when the lady was really close to me going ballistic, I didn’t say a word, because I am afraid Persia might do something. I’ve never seen her do anything violent at all. This was the only time I saw her do anything. So, Persia just sat there, whimpering and worried. One of the dog park regulars called on Persia and told her to sit next to him, while he rubbed her head and kept saying ‘it’s okay sweetie’.”

Dog park visitors stood up for Persia, a Pit bull, who defended her owner from a dog attack

“While the lady kept going on, even getting on a debate about breeds with the other regulars (who know Persia and I). I felt so grateful that they stood by me and was telling her to calm down. When the officer finally came, they instantly offered him every detail that happened.”

“I was almost on the verge of tears, I was so scared because I know how pit-bulls are seen. I’ve seen enough videos of pit-bulls getting shot indiscriminately. I was so lucky that people loved Persia enough to stay and wait with me there.”

“To finish my story, I was asked if I wanted to press charges and I said no. I heard the officer telling the lady to muzzle her dog. I was told I could leave unless I needed a ride to the hospital. I declined. It’s a just a little dog bite.”

[Note from editor: After the incident, ladygrefenberg went to the hospital and got a tetanus shot and was given an antibiotic shot.]

“The officer and her continued to talk, so I don’t know what happened to her next.”

“Anyway, I got so many warm hugs and Persia got more kisses from her park friends. I love good people so much. It makes me feel so much better about life, when [at] times it mostly disappoints me. Thank you for reading!”

Photos and text reprinted with permission from ladygrefenberg.


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