‘Sweet and Loving’ Dog Finally Adopted After 525 Days In Animal Shelter


After patiently waiting 525 days for the “perfect person to walk through the doors”, a sweet homeless dog has finally found her forever home.

Cassie arrived at the Humane Society of Great Dayton in Ohio back in August 2017. She was adopted a few times over that period of time, but returned when the families and shelter determined she would be happier in a home without cats or small children.

The five-year-old hound-Shepherd mix entered the Humane Society’s START training program where she learned basic commands and graduated to advanced training. She caught the attention of Jeff Schmitt Auto Group who featured her in an an ad.

Humane Society of Great Dayton

The commercial caught the eye of Jessica Hendrickson, who just so happened to be looking at the Humane Society’s website at the time.

Humane Society of Great Dayton

“The Jeff Schmitt ad was on right as I was reading her profile,” Hendrickson told told WPXI. “I fell in love with her. I thought, ‘all right, we need each other.’”

And when she learned Cassie had been waiting over 500 days, it was a done deal. “My heart went out to her because she had been there so long,” Hendrickson said.

The shelter couldn’t be happier.

“She is an extremely sweet and loving girl and has been a rockstar in our START training program,” they wrote on Facebook. “Every day for 525 days she has patiently waited for that perfect person to walk through the doors and pick her and today was her day! Our staff may have shed a few tears saying goodbye and there may have been a few squeals of excitement, but we are so very happy for Cassie and her new family!”

Humane Society of Great Dayton

Cassie was all smiles when Hendrickson came to pick her up. It’s as if she knew this would be the time her adoption would stick!

Now settled at her new home, she hasn’t wasted any time making herself comfortable.

“She is so sweet and loving and mellow,” Hendrickson told the Dayton Daily News. “She comes up and wants to be petted and have her belly scratched and paws at you if you stop,” Hendrickson said. “She is super affectionate, but also independent. I like that about her.”


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