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Longest Resident At Shelter Falls Asleep Smiling When He Finds A Family

Despite the challenges he has encountered, Petey the rescue dog has always been a cheerful boy. The adorable puppy was already the longest resident at his county shelter in North Carolina at just one-year-old. Petey’s stay had already been prolonged beyond customary lengths due to the small shelter’s capacity issue. In the absence of any […]

Because he grew up with cats, the dog behaves similarly to them.

The truth is that puppies absorb a lot from their surroundings. Actually, babies learn how to interact with the world around them from a young age by observing and playing with their siblings and mother. Much of what teenagers do as they become older is impacted by their observations and life experiences. Mako, the adorable […]

When a man finds his long-lost Huskies, he becomes emotional.

In today’s story, we’ll see a touching reunion between a man and his long-lost huskies. Sandy Hernandez began looking around for his two huskies when he didn’t see them. The two pups had leaped the fence in order to leave the safety of his Miami, Florida home. He began circulating leaflets and searching for shelters […]

The dog cuddles up to the rescuer who saved him from euthanasia.

Fortunately, angels still remain among us, constantly trying to protect animals. Joe Kirk, the owner of an animal rescue group, is one of these rescues. When a shelter learned Gregory had a major but curable health problem, Joe stepped in to save his life. Gregory is a 2-year-old beagle that was rescued from Columbus’ Franklin […]

The restaurant’s kind owner serves dinner to stray dogs who appear in front of his restaurant.

The heartwarming anecdote depicts a restaurant owner serving meals to stray dogs. Five years ago, a restaurant owner took pity on a stray dog and fed her. Nobody could have guessed that this one act of kindness would turn into a community custom of feeding stray dogs every night. It all started when a starved […]

Lonely Puppy Waits On Street For Someone With A Sign On His Little Neck

There are many dogs abandoned on the streets in the United States. The number of abandoned animals increases every day, especially now with the pandemic. Instead of finding the dog a new home, sadly, many people decide to leave their dog on the street. Recently, a lonely puppy was found abandoned on the street. The […]