The Dog Survived Being Abandoned In The Snow And Is Now Living Her Best Life

Stray Paws received a distress call about a dog lying in the snow for two days, but the reason behind its presence was unknown. The dog’s condition could have been due to sickness, injury, or an accident.


Despite their lack of knowledge regarding the dog’s presence, the individuals were aware that they must act fast to rescue her. Upon arrival, they observed the frostbitten puppy almost completely buried in snow. Her body was partially covered by a layer of snow, and it was miraculous that she was still breathing given the sub-zero temperatures.

It is a mystery as to how the dog managed to endure the harsh freezing weather for two whole days. Suffering from severe discomfort, she could barely shift her position. Nevertheless, she permitted the rescuers to place her inside a kennel so that she could be transported to the vet.


The freezing girl was christened Snow White, a fitting name indeed. At the veterinarian’s office, efforts were made to warm her small body through IV infusions. The veterinarian estimated her age to be around three years old.

Her body temperature was only 32.9 °C, which is significantly lower than the typical temperature of 38 °C. Due to her low weight, she lacked adequate protection from the freezing elements she was exposed to. Furthermore, she had no identification tags and was unknown to anyone, leading them to believe that she was abandoned.

Everything possible was done for the sweet little dog. After raising her body temperature, it took some time for her to walk on her paws again. But miraculously, she survived and by the second day, she could walk around and even go outside.

Despite making progress, Snow White still had a ways to go in her recovery. Along with her initial injuries, she also fell ill, which prolonged her healing process. However, after several months of medication and care, she finally found her forever home where she flourished and even made some furry friends.

It is unfortunate that dogs similar to Snow White are frequently abandoned, but fortunately, there are people like the rescuers at Stray Paws who make every effort to assist. These individuals are genuine heroes who work tirelessly to save as many dogs as possible.

We hope you had a great time witnessing her happy ending. Despite all the hardships, she remains a charming and joyous girl. It’s heartening to witness her thriving with her new family.

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