The loyal dog is not afraid of danger and rushes to protect his loved ones from poisonous snakes invading the house, making us deeply moved.ThuHa

A loyal dog shielded the family members from a poisonous snake. He acted so valiantly in safeguarding the family.

Chiko was the name of the dog. The dog fought the venemous snake and unfortunately died. This occurred in the city of Kuching.

The dog’s owner, Alice Mingu, downloaded a snapshot of the courageous and devoted dog that offered his life for his owners.

The owners were very upset and in profound mourning since they had lost their favorite dog, who had become a family member. The family’s dog played a significant part.

Many people predicted that the dog would attack someone one day, but they were incorrect. However, the dog demonstrated his protective nature by rescuing the entire family.

The deadly snake was seen by the dog in the dining room. The owners attempted but failed to separate the dog from the snake. The scene was quite moving. True hero, rest in peace.

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