The Puppy Declines To Exit The Cardboard Box After Her Owner Abandoned Her

Harvest was merely ten months of age when an individual placed her inside a cardboard container and deserted her within a residential area. She remained faithfully inside the box all night until a kind-hearted individual discovered her the following day.

Even with the blazing summer temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the woman was surprised to find Harvest in the box, without any nourishment or hydration. However, the devoted canine stayed unwavering.

On a scorching summer day, the woman was taken aback to discover Harvest cooped up in the box without any sustenance or hydration. Despite the 104 degree Fahrenheit heat, the pooch remained steadfast.

“She never left the box,” stated Patti Dawson, President of Dallas Canine. “She simply remained there, anticipating someone’s return.”

The animal control officer was surprised when Harvest stayed inside the box during the entire journey to the sanctuary. To err on the side of caution, they put the puppy and her box in a kennel, fearing that she might be paralyzed.

In the end, Harvest emerged from the box, and the volunteers at the sanctuary opted to stay by her side.

“That was her sanctuary, so they kept the box in her kennel,” remarked Dawson.

For the initial days after arriving at the shelter, Harvest remained huddled in the corner of her kennel, visibly trembling with anxiety in her shoulders and body, as described by Dawson.

Despite being afraid, Harvest was loved by everyone she met. Her demeanor was wonderful and she gradually began to blossom.

Harvest was taken in by Dallas Dog two weeks after her rescue, and they quickly found a loving foster home for her. It didn’t take long for Harvest’s true personality to reveal itself in her new home.

Harvest’s foster mother reports that she is currently brimming with vitality and enjoys frolicking with her foster siblings. During her calmer moments, Harvest relishes snuggling on the couch and catching up on the latest TV shows with her loved ones.

Dawson shared, “It took her approximately a week before she fully opened up, but since then she has not slowed down or looked back.”

Dallas Canine is actively searching for the perfect forever home for Harvest, and the process is moving at an accelerated pace. According to Dawson, “She’s in high demand and has three meet and greets scheduled for this week. She’s definitely a popular pup.”

Meanwhile, Harvest will cherish the exceptional love provided by her foster family, never having to set foot in a cardboard box again.


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