This Poor Kitten Was Rejected By Her Mother After Birth, And Here’s How She Changed After Being Saved! –

Most likely you have already seen this photo. At one time, it scattered across the worldwide Internet, forcing many to worry about the fate of the kitten. The story of a kitten from Hong An. The picture of the kitten snuggled up to the boot of a passerby was taken by a photographer named Graham Lavery.

Thanks to animal rights organizations, the image quickly spread on the Internet and aroused public interest, which was quickly replaced by general outrage. He took this picture during a business trip to the Vietnamese city of Hoi An, which at that time was overwhelmed by a powerful flood. He saw a kitten on the street, got a good shot, and went his own way.

The photographer did nothing to help the wet hungry animal and left him to his fate. Upon returning home, Graham posted the picture to the Flickr photo stock, where it gained popularity in a matter of days.

However, the work did not bring him fame, but only made him the object of attack from those who were not indifferent to the fate of the animal. Graham justified his act by the laws of the wild.

According to him, until recently, the concept of “pet” was nonsense for the Vietnamese. For example, dogs were considered a source of food there, just as we have large horned animals, chickens, and pigs. But since the emergence of the concept of “pet” in the country, the number of stray dogs and cats has increased dramatically: people first took them home, and later returned them to the street.

At the same time, no one caught the pets put out the door. Lavery also recalled that at the time the photo was taken, the worst flooding in the last half-century occurred in Hoi An.

People lost their homes, property, and even lives. No one cared about a stray kitten, and from his point of view, it was justified. Of course, nothing is known about the fate of the kitten. We all sincerely believe in the best and hope that the animal was lucky to meet a caring person who sheltered him. While some people pass by, others dedicate all their time to saving the furries! Second story!

Sincere human care can work miracles, and this story is a good example. The man picked up a small malnourished kitten, abandoned by his mother, and became a caring dad for the crumbs. She answered her savior with incredible gratitude, and also grew into a magnificent cat.

This baby was rejected by her mother after her birth. She ate almost nothing and was emaciated. The mother cat felt that the kitten was weak and left her to focus on healthy babies. Then, by a lucky chance, Smith found her and gladly sheltered her.

The man named the tricolor beauty Jonathan in honor of the character “Game of Thrones”. Jonathan was smaller than his leg, but the little cat child wanted to be loved. On the first day, the little creature climbed into his lap and purred loudly. Then Smith understood – this is love.

He took on the role of a mother: every day he bottle-fed his pet from the hour and took care of her. A caring dad bought Jonathan a cozy bed and lots of toys. Lady Jonathan grew up as a healthy, playful, and affectionate cat.

Her favorite pastime is hugging her dad. It is immediately clear that Jonathan feels like her savior! The first day Smith got the cat, she crawled into his lap. Since then, she has not abandoned this wonderful habit! Recently, Jonathan met her new sister – also a tricolor cat.

As the eldest, Jonathan taught her all the important feline things. This is what a gorgeous cat Lady Jonathan grew into a few months later. The amazing bond between Jonathan and Smith, as between dad and daughter, has grown even stronger over time.

Jonathan lives a happy cat life and enjoys every minute of it. And all this is thanks to Smith, who once picked her up as a skinny, half-dead kitten. That’s what a man’s love is capable of!

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