1,750 HP Camaro Sets 1/2-Mile Record, Gets Totaled in 200 MPH Crash

When you turn your already fast street car into a racing machine that can play the 200 mph game, you must also be prepared for the times when everything goes haywire. Thankfully, the driver of the 1,500 hp Camaro in the video below followed this rule, which saved his life.

Were dealing with the fifth-gen Chevrolet Camaro SS that had been dialed all the way to 1,750 horsepower. The muscle machine visited the CMS gym, with its engine compartment being occupied by a twin-turbo LSX, hence the vanity plates of the thing.

Alas, the Chevy ended up having a terrible crash over the weekend, when the Camaro managed to hit 195 mph in a half-mile event. Once Nacho Bernal crossed the finish line and decided to start the deceleration phase, he experienced a braking system failure that led to one of the front tires locking.

This caused the muscle car to spin and, given the velocity of the vehicle, the Camaro ended up on its roof. Fortunately, the driver walked away from the crash. As for the passenger, he was rendered unconscious but survived the accident without major injuries. As for the vehicle, this was obviously totaled.

The Camaro had a full roll cage, which had been installed by Cunningham Motorsports, while both occupants used Snell helmets, as well as five-point safety harnesses.

The fierce action took place on the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado, an event that also saw a twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo setting a new half-mile world record with a trap speed of 240 mph. Fortunately, though, the Lambo didnt experience any trouble over the weekend.

Ironically, Nacho managed to set a new Camaro half-mile world record, going home with a trophy alongside the crash memories. Check out the piece of footage below for a downright frightening in-car view of the unfortunate event.


You can find areal video below.

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