1933 Ford Coupe Based On Plenty Of Custom Heritage

Here’s some angsty display of presence. If you’re thinking of knowledge, experience and dominion combined, they are all embodied in one single car.

The Ford Model B of 1932, or more popularly known as the 1933 Ford Coupe, is one of the rarest yet most desired roadster car among Hot Rodders. Since the conception of this kind in the market, impassioned Hot Rodders have never gotten enough of it – even to this day. With its V8 engine – marketed as the “Model 18” in the 30’s – and more refined style, the 1933 Ford Coupe has become the most ideal Hot Rod car for enthusiasts.

Whether they strip it down and rebuild it or start with it as a canvas, Hot Rodders have found various ways to restore and style their own 1933 Ford Coupes. It takes a lot of talent, knowledge, skills, bucks and tons of patience to actually pull off a restoration process – just like Scott Porges with his four-window 1933 Ford Coupe.

Just like the old times… Only better

He had to disassemble everything. From body to engine, Porges’ vintage 1933 Ford Coupe of the 1960’s was plainly deteriorating due to a past accident and natural process. Like unearthing a jewel from the deepest soil, Porges painstakingly dove in to resurrect an old, old wreck back to life. It wasn’t easy but his past experiences with his ‘26 Ford tall T, and a ‘30 Ford roadster hot rod taught him lessons of value and creativity. He had a custom made chassis – a one of its kind – done.

He also had a front V-progression neatly done with 2×2 inch thick steel. He retained the original 283 Corvette V-8 engine while adding a few fresh touches to kick it up a bit. And for some extra character boost, he topped it all off with a vintage inspired epic style interior, starting with a sectioned ’55 Chevy dash filled with original and Auto Meter gauges and a mile-high Gennie shifter topped with a chrome skull.

Knowing that Scottt is driving the hides off the car on a daily basis, including runs at the local dragstrip, sure brings a smile to our faces. Bitchin’!

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