1933 Ford Coupe “Rolling Thunder”

I’m not sure if there is a word to capture the essence of this classic 1933 Ford Coupe. If I were to try and find one, I might end up with a long list of adjectives like mesmerizing, beautiful, breathtaking, or a flawless piece of American art.

Even with words like that, I think you would have to see this vehicle and personally experience a ride in it to really appreciate just how much work has been put into this machine.

I had the pleasure of riding around one afternoon with Ron Green, the owner of this Coupe. I guess I could start by saying from the beginning of our afternoon cruise to the end of it, there wasn’t one person’s head that didn’t turn to catch a second glance at this car.

It’s got an impeccable body with a sparkling paint job. The best part about this classic is that it is completely modernized with all the power, safety and luxury features of a brand new hot rod. The list of modifications on this “Dream Machine” is as long as the list of car shows it has won. This car definitely has the looks, but it can keep up with most Hot Rods out there.

The “Rolling Thunder” lives up to its name while powered by an  550 HP LS3 engine, Ford 9″ rear end, 3:30 Posi-Traction and a heavy duty 700R-4 Transmission. This machine also has Hooker Headers and custom exhaust by John Ryan. Nearly every inch of this vehicle has been replaced, upgraded or modified in some way or another.

Ron likes to cruise around to car shows on the weekends for fun. He lives in Colorado, but also has a place in Arizona so he can capture the best of both worlds in the winter and the summer.
Don’t miss a chance to see the “Rolling Thunder” the next time you attend one of the local or national car shows. You will be glad you did!

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