1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

What you see in the photo below is a custom chopped and channeled 1934 Ford Coupe fitted to a bespoke tubular chassis.

The car is powered by a ZZ350 4 bolt GM Performance Parts crate engine delivering around 600 horsepower on pump gas. The matching lime green butterfly flaps are fitted to the Demon carburetors.

At the top of the grille, a traditional “Ford” emblem sits in front of traditional chrome trim that leads your eye to a custom machined “V8” emblem which provides a cool vintage hot rod look.

Mounted directly behind the engine is a Turbo-hydramatic 350 3-speed transmission that provides reliable and stout shifts, making good use of all the monster engines horsepower. Fitted at the rear are 20 inch one piece polished Mickey Thompson HR-1 wheels and at the front are two smaller 18 inch HR-1 wheels.

Behind the engine, suicide doors carry no trim or door handles and open courtesy of electronic door poppers that are controlled by the cars door lock pegs.
Open the suicide doors and you’ll find black door panels that are stitched in lime green. Inside the car is black leather also stitched in lime green thread. The dashboard houses a set of Classic Instrument gauges.

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