2-Door Modern Charger? Yes Please!

The Dodge Charger was a 2-door coupe decades ago, but when Dodge somehow dared to make a 4-door sedan from it, diehards were furious about that. “That’s no Charger, Chargers only have two doors!” they lamented. Many enthusiasts still think this step was sacrilegious and do their best to bring good old 2-door Mopar days back.

Guys from Fantasy Collision & Customs from Warren, MI, has revived an old soul. They reshaped the car with a Dodge Charger R/T into what they think the modern Charger should be like. We must admit that this car is like Santa: it has lots of presence.

They decided to remove two of the doors and make it into a sport coupe. The rear doors are a thing of the past thankfully, and the front doors have been elongated. The team from Fantasy Collision & Customs sliced a portion out of the vehicle’s midsection, the roof is also lowered and has been replaced with panoramic glass.

They also added a nice wide body kit (if you will, a wider-than-widebody kit) – new front and rear bumpers to fit the highly aggressive wide body kit, with some insane wheels on the rear, giving the car and even more aggressive stance.
The extra-wide-body mod looks villainous and may be a little over the top. Maybe not. A large number of people think that this Charger is very bad looking. What`s your opinion on this?

What’s our opinion?  These guys did one hell of a job and we like it!

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