20 Dogs With Unusual and Beautiful Markings


Every dog is unique, but some dogs have that extra “something” when it comes to their appearance. We asked the DogHeirs community for photos of their furry loved ones who have unique markings. We received thousands of photos and here are 20 of our favorites!

“This is Snow White as a puppy. She was born into a litter of 4 Bernese Mountain dogs. The other three are correctly marked.”


Photo credit: Michael Patrick O’Hara

This cutie has a beautiful black markings to half her face.


Photo credit: Susan B.

This Akita puppy looks like he was dipped in white paint!


Photo: Corey Tindal

“My Sammie Rose is 13 and has Vitiligo, a lack of melanin/pigmentation since she was two. It does not cause pain, just no color on her gums, nails are not all black, and it makes her look very unique, but she’s in no pain.”


Photo credit: Karyn Purdy

“Our little Lahela was born with a perfect paw print on her nose! It has since grown together, but she is still such a special girl!”


Photo credit: Ashley McLelland Harper‎

Even though Lahela’s birth mark is no longer on her nose, when she was little everyone wanted to know how she got the paw print there.


Photo credit: Ashley McLelland Harper‎

“Here is a picture of my American Bulldog/Pit bull mix Ginger when she was a pup. She has natural eyebrows, heart shaped nose, beauty mark, and lipstick.”


Photo credit: Lynsey Richardson‎

This dog looks like he’s wearing a mask. Roxanne Hewitt saw this dog when in Phuket, Thailand.


Photo credit: Roxanne Hewitt


Photo credit: Roxanne Hewitt

And this dog is appropriately named Pepper!


Photo credit: Lee Cloninger

“Ms Princess Maya Mae and all her dots.”


Photo credit: Janna Lea Choney

Juniper has beautiful baby blue eyes!


Photo credit: Dana Schmitt

All of Luna’s tips are white (tail, four feet) and her eyelashes and whiskers are white on the white side and black on the black side.


Photo credit: Angie Dubberly Young

“This is Moses, my Cocker Spaniel! Neither one of his parents had a blue eye or silver fur! He was the only one to survive his litter and was the runt! He’s definitely one of a kind and I love him!”


Photo credit: Anjali Ratcliff

“My puppy has an amazing heart marking on him.”


Photo credit: Melissa Lynn Fields

“This is Colossus my purebred Catahoula Leopard dog.”


Photo credit: Kyle Murphy

“My beautiful piebald dachshund puppy Benjamin he has a very unique coat. My favorite part, his tan freckled paws!”


Photo credit: Jenna Prince

“This is Zoe the Bernese Mountain Dog.”


Photo credit: Michael Patrick O’Hara

“These are my miniature Dachshunds. They are brothers that have the exact opposite colorings. The brown one’s name is Carter, the black one’s name is Jackson.”


Photo credit: Danielle Jerzak

Harper has a distinctive nose and a white blaze right down the middle of her face!


Photo credit: Demi Stewart

Bloomin Blue Eyed Pug has beautiful beige fur and blue eyes!


Photo credit: Bloomin Blue Eyed Pug

Blythe is an American Bulldog/Boxer Mix Rescue and is the “sweetest girl in the world”.


Photo credit: Amy Beth Clark

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