30 Dogs With The Cutest Head Tilts


You know you have your dog’s undivided attention when their ears perk up, their eyes fix on your face and then their head tilts to the side. The famous head tilt – it’s one of the most adorable gestures dogs make.

Dog behaviorists have not conclusively come to an agreement on why dogs tilt their head to the side. It could be because they’re trying to see a person’s face more clearly, or perhaps they’re trying to hear someone better. Maybe it’s because they know they will get extra love and attention for doing it. Whatever the reason, when dogs tilt their heads, they always look more adorable!

That’s why we asked the DogHeirs community to share photos of their dog’s best head tilt. Here is a selection of some of our favorites!

“Here is my boy Bear with the cutest held tilt…he has always done his famous head tilt.” ~ Robin Menage-Stencil.

“This is my little rescue Otis. After buying my first dog from a pet shop i educated myself on the importance of adopting.” ~ Tanya Garcia

“My baby “mahlia” and her infamous head tilt. she is a 5-year old rescue from a New Orleans shelter…and the light of my life, the keeper of my heart. my love.” ~ Haras Notgnitnuh Llah

Photo credit: Karen Hird- Kazarian

“This is Vin! He is my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy! He is about 1 year on this picture! He is 2 yrs now and still very cute and Handsome!” ~ Sharon Ross

Photo credit: Linda Linnell

Photo credit: Werner Von Schitzengiggles

“Love the synchronized head tilts:)” ~ Hazel Lim

“Stormy” ~ Sandra D Jebb

“This is Zoey and her head tilt.” ~ Gaby Caraballo

Photo credit: Claire Stacey

“My boy Gable does a great head tilt!” ~ Mike Mahoney

“One of my sweet boys!” ~ Jessie Acosta

“My beautiful Amber” ~ Aunty Biotic

“Rocky”~ Rj DePue

“Bella being inquisitive:-)” ~ Jody Kluskiewicz

“Double head tilt…Teddy and Havana” ~  Elisa Korenstein Hunigman

“Harley Boy!!!” ~ Natalie Laine

“Brook the Pug” ~ Oriana Mikulski

“Charlie xx” ~ Nicola Bright

“Maggie – boxer/german shepherd/chow” ~ Catherine Ann Fraley

“Did you say treat!?” ~ Samantha Girard

“Head tilt cuteness…” ~ Jenny Robertson

“Our sweet girl, Pearl” ~ Pearl Hamlin

“Ellie” ~ Edna Smith

“Pebbles” ~ Danielle Herens

“This is Scabby. He is a toy Pomeranian. I believe he was 7 years old when this picture was taken. He is now 10 years old and my baby.” ~ Phi-Van Thai

“This is my dog’s cute little head tilt! His name is Shybo.” ~  陳詠詩

Photo credit: Hayley Maree Gillies

“My Labrador Sylas’s head tilt ” ~ Cortney L Pearson

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