4 hyenas narrowly escaped death by jumping into the swamp, where they encountered 9 wild dogs on the shoreline.ThanhSinh


Safari in South Africa. This video was shot in Sabi Sand. A pack of four hyenas confronts a pack of about nine wild dogs.
The hyenas stay in the water for protection because wild dogs don’t like to go in the water.

🔥 Wild Dogs vs terrifying Hyena 🔥 : r/NatureIsFuckingLit

There was a young hyena hiding in the bushes behind the rest. Although there are many bites, but the hyena still fiercely resists with the “uncompromising” defender.

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After fighting for a while, the hyena realized that it was not strong enough, so it ran into the lake. At this point, the African wild dogs also give up their opinion and the hyena can get out of the system.

Crying buffalo - Spotted hyenas and African wild dogs are not friends --  generally speaking. They often steal kills from one another -- but more so  the spotted hyena from the African


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