500 wild dogs chases the hippo with the intention of reclaiming its prey to crush it.hongvien

Nature is not always beautiful. Many animals have to hunt for food to survive.

A baby antelope faces a dangerous situation when it finds itself confronting a pack of wild dogs.

Wild dogs trying to catch antelope. It looks like this baby antelope will not be able to survive the attack. Until something amazing happens, that is.

Suddenly, a large hippo arrives on the scene. He attacked wild dogs that were attacking antelope to try to scare them.

The great hippo successfully chased away the wild dogs. They scattered away from the baby antelope. The antelope ran into the mud.

The antelope faces another terrifying situation. Now he’s stuck in the mud he just ran into.

The hippopotamus walked away unconcerned. The dogs, still standing on the shore, were not ready to give up.

When the hippo had left, two more dogs from the opposite side of the bank attacked the poor antelope. They tried to pull him out of the mud, biting him.

Hippos notice the dogs and quickly grab them. They fled, fearing for their lives.

Many wild dogs have come to the scene. The pack of wild dogs tried to catch the baby antelope again even though the hippo was only a few feet away.

Sadly, the hippopotamus decides that the antelope belongs to him and pounces on the baby.

Now, regardless of the antelope carcass, the hippopotamus leaves the carcass for wild dogs to pick up.

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