632-Cube Blown Big-Block 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Killa-B

Nogas KILLA-B Camaro enjoys rock-star status among the red-blooded blokes, there’s no doubt.

KILLA-B is a deadly Chevrolet Camaro with a serious sting in its tail. “The name we decided on was KILLA-B – Bumblebee’s evil brother”, explained owner Steve Nogas. Drawing obvious inspiration from the Transformers movies, this homicidal Camaro blurs the lines between Autobots and Decepticons. In the battle of good versus evil, never has it been this hard to pick a side.

The methanol-sucking, dry-sumped 632 wouldn’t look out of place at the pointy end of the Pro Street Blown field – such is the hardware required to be successful in the elite world of modern burnout comps. It’s a Merlin III block fitted with Pro-Filer heads, a custom alloy blower manifold and a 16/71 Littlefield pump. Quality internals include JE pistons, Oliver rods and a Callies crank, with an MSD Pro Mag igniting the spark.

The 2010-model Chevrolet Camaro was purchased from Manheim Auctions in the good ol’ US of A – in the city of Milwaukee, to be precise. Steve was fortunate to be assisted in the process by the team at Motor Cars International, who import, convert and supply American and European vehicles for the Australian market.

“The reason we converted the car to right-hand drive was I didn’t want people to think that we just bought it from the USA”, Steve clarified. The metamorphosis from worker bee to killer bee took about 18 months and although Steve never wanted to quit at any stage, he admits it was frustrating at times because it just wasn’t happening fast enough. “My sons Josh and Ben, as well as my nephew Brad, were great”, he said, “And my wife Anita has been supportive, but I’m glad she doesn’t know how much I’ve spent on it”.
Menacing in matte black, this automotive assassin strikes a stinging blow too, with an estimated 1750Hp and fuel economy of “80-100 liters per skid”.

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