700hp Twin Turbo ’61 Plymouth Belvedere Hooning In The Snow

This 1961 Belvedere nicknamed WAWAZAT was built to be a very fun and drivable car that would run cool and be reliable while grabbing attention.

The owner of this insane green 1961 Belvedere Dual Turbo’d Long Ram is Tony Netzel from Duluth, Minnesota. The engine makes 700 horsepower and enormous 900+ torque.

Guys from Minnesota don’t have many options on winter days, but not Tony. He took his ‘61 Belvedere out, twin-turbo, slicks, and still had fun. He’s not afraid to use the car how it was meant to be used and doesn’t even let the weather stop him. Turbo cars love the cold, but this one might love it just a little bit more! Tony likes using this fine car drifting around in the snow.

In the videos at the end of this article, you can see Tony taking the old girl out for a spin, in the snow! As you can imagine, trying to get traction when there’s that much power on tap is virtually impossible, but it sure looks fun. While most would be terrified of leaving the driveway with the icy white stuff all around, Tony totally embraces it.

There’s just something about a massive car sliding sideways, turning perfect donuts, and then driving up the road leaving two steamroller-sized tracks up the street in freshly fallen snow that should put a smile on your face.
If this does not make you grin you have larger issues than we can help you with.

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