A Big-hearted Pooch Shows Love to Mailwoman with Hugs and Cuddles Every Day!

Each day, Fronky, a delightful Bull Mastiff, carries out his routine. Every morning, he positions himself by the door, imploring his owner to allow him to go outside. As soon as he’s in the front yard, he sits patiently and waits.

Fronky is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his loyal companion and dear friend, Shaun, who happens to be a mailwoman. Since Fronky was just a puppy at seven weeks old, he and Shaun have been inseparable. Whenever Shaun arrives, it is always the highlight of Fronky’s day. Eileen, Fronky’s mother, revealed that when Shaun is at her truck sorting out packages and taking too long to come to their house, Fronky’s tail wags so fast and he becomes impatient.

Fronky has grown into a hefty 180-pound dog, capable of effortlessly clearing the front fence. Despite his size, Fronky is well-behaved and never crosses over to the other side of the fence. Shaun, who lost her chocolate lab, finds solace in playing with Fronky, whom she considers a surrogate for her beloved pet. Eileen believes that spending time with Fronky provides Shaun with the puppy cuddles she misses. Shaun and Fronky share an undeniable bond, and she often drops by on her days off to see him. To Eileen, Shaun is like family, and her visits are eagerly anticipated by both Fronky and his human family.

Hill’s Pets reports that Fronky’s fondness for Shaun is uncommon among Bullmastiffs. The website explains that Bullmastiffs are typically gentle and affectionate with their family members. They make great pets for families with well-behaved children due to their relaxed and easygoing nature. However, when strangers come around, their attitude towards their family members may change. Bullmastiffs tend to be cautious and guarded with individuals who are not part of their family.

It seems that Fronky regards Shaun as a member of his family, which is truly heartwarming! Eileen commented on the bond between Fronky and Shaun, stating that it’s a two-way affection. They are both excited about spending time together. Fronky is an adorable big dog with an equally lovable companion. Their companionship is a delight to witness. To view more pictures and videos of Fronky, head over to his Instagram page. Don’t miss out on seeing Fronky and Shaun in action – check out the video below!

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