A Courageous Husky Stumbled Upon A Box Brimming With Kittens In The Woods And Took Them Under His Care

A Courageous Husky Stumbled Upon A Box Brimming With Kittens In The Woods And Took Them Under His Care

Banner, the service dog, possesses a heart of pure gold. Not only does she wholeheartedly devote herself to aiding her owner Whitney Braley with her disability, but she also exhibits a knack for saving and tending to other creatures that require help.


Banner, the 3-year-old Husky, has been under Whitney’s care since she was a puppy, and Whitney has trained her to assist herself and others in performing various duties.

According to Whitney’s statement to Bored Panda, the dog is trained to detect various incidents, including PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, guidance, pulling momentum, retrieving medicine, interrupting self-harm, and a few other situations.

“We do a lot of rescuing as she’s always involved with kittens. Banner raised my first bottle-fed cat, which I found in a ditch two years ago. Although that cat is still with us, she has nurtured over ten different litters of kittens over the years. This is the first instance where she has encountered something of this sort.”

The discovery was heartbreaking as she stumbled upon a cardboard box that was tightly sealed in the woods. Inside were seven fragile newborn kittens that were barely a day old and were on the verge of freezing to death. After Banner notified Whitney, she rushed to the location and together they opened the box with utmost caution. Whitney carefully extracted each of the little kittens one by one.


Whitney speculated to Metro that someone had recently placed the kittens in a cardboard box, sealed it tightly, and abandoned them to perish. It was likely that the person responsible believed that the kittens would never be discovered. Banner’s knowledge of the kittens’ location was uncertain. However, the felines were shivering and silent, indicating their distress.

“I feel disgusted that anyone could be so heartless and cruel towards these vulnerable animals.”

Ever since Banner started caring for the kittens, she has treated them as if they were her own and hasn’t left their side. According to Whitney, who spoke to Bored Panda, even though Banner was spayed at just 1.5 years old, she displays a remarkable maternal instinct.

“I am compelled to find loving and permanent homes for these kittens myself, as the local shelter’s policy of euthanasia within three days is unacceptable to me. As a result, I am frequently fostering young kittens to prevent them from meeting this fate.”

My heart is filled with happiness knowing that these kittens will live in loving homes, all thanks to Banner.

Banner is a great hero, dedicated to assisting all creatures and animals. She also has thousands of fans on Facebook pages. Check them out for progress updates on the kitties!

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