A courageous man saves his dog’s life by confronting a bear.


Have you ever wondered how far you would go to save your puppy? Would you risk your life, like this man did, when a 350-pound bear approaches Buddy, his rescue dog?

Outside on You Bet Road, Kaleb Bentham and his 90-pound pit bull, Buddy was having fun. Bentham saw something weird, and when he looked into it, he discovered Buddy had collided with the gigantic bear. “I heard a growl and looked down to see the bear pulling him by his head with his skull between his jaws,” Bentham recounted. Benham was taken aback by what he witnessed, so he responded fast to attempt to save his pet dog: “I just went down there, crashed into the bear, tackled it, grabbed it by the throat, and started pounding it in the face and eye until it let go,” Bentham recounted.

Bentham was worried that the bear would hurt his dog, but as it let go, he said, “The first thing that sprang to me was that I was going to lose him.” Bentham referred Buddy to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital. He had alerted the staff in advance, and they were ready to rush Buddy into surgery as soon as they arrived. Buddy is still alive because of staples, stitches, and tubes inserted into his skull to drain fluid. I simply stood there and gazed out the window,” Bentham explained. Bentham is on high alert while Buddy fully recovers. The bear has paid three visits to his house, probably in pursuit of Buddy.

We feel Bear should reconsider his plans to return because Bentham will surely be keeping a close check on him. Buddy came through the ordeal unscathed, and we wish him the best of luck in his recuperation. When Bentham saw his dog in danger, he did everything he could to save his life. What a heartwarming tale!



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