A cruel person threw the poor little dog into a deep well and fortunately, the poisonous but very friendly cobra came to his aid in this terrifying moment

In a heart-wrenching incident, innocent puppies were callously thrown into a well. However, an unexpected hero emerged in the form of a poisonous yet remarkably kind cobra, who came to their aid. It is important to note that India currently faces the grim reality of approximately 30 million stray dogs, with two unfortunate pups from Punjab becoming victims of a devastating tragedy, as they got separated from their mother.

In close proximity, a villager caught the agonizing cries of a distressed mother dog emanating from a neighboring well. Intrigued, he cautiously leaned over the edge of the well and was struck with a much more chilling sight – a king cobra coiled alongside the helpless puppies.

King Cobras elicit fear due to their lethal venom capable of killing a fully grown elephant within three hours. Conversely, snakes are generally timid creatures that tend to shy away from human interaction. India is home to several smaller venomous snakes with potentially more deadly bites. While cobras do not usually perceive dogs as prey, the mother of the puppies and the rescue crews harbored concerns over the possibility of a dreadful event occurring.

Instead of attacking, the snake appeared to be protecting the puppies. Positioned on the other side of the well, where there was damp, loose soil that could have trapped the puppies, the cobra ensured their safety. Surprisingly, the puppies stayed in the well with the cobra for 48 hours, and the cobra never made any attempts to harm them.

Rescuing the puppies turned out to be easier than anticipated for the officials, thanks to the gentle movement of the cobra. This incident once again highlighted the remarkable camaraderie and compassion that creatures often display, particularly when it comes to animals of diverse breeds.

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