A Dead Battery Is All Past Now: Russian Trick To Start Your Car With a Rope

Dead batteries and flat tires always seem to happen at the worst times.

One bad day starts like this: you’re in a rush because you will be late for work, you get in your vehicle, and just when you are about to start your engine, you realize that your vehicle battery is dead. And as it could not get any worse, you don’t have time do to anything, at least not if you don’t know this old Russian trick.

This trick is old, but it is worth as gold because just imagine that you are in the middle of nowhere with the help of no one. What would we do if the Russians keep some amazingly crazy in secret! In the below, a demonstration by some fellas is shown on how to start a car without a proper battery. The old and classics `push the car` trick doesn’t always work, especially if your vehicle has an automatic.

As you will see in this particular case, they are using a simple piece of string, and that`s it. They had just wrapped the front tire with it and pulled. It’s important to note that this doesn’t always work with every car. It usually only works with smaller cars and it has to be a manual transmission vehicle. If you’re strong enough, and lucky, your car should start.

How did it work? Let’s not ask questions, but hit play in the video bellow and see what happens!

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