A Devoted Husky Valiantly Gives Up His Life Battling A 4 Feet Cobra To Protect His Loved Ones

A Devoted Husky Valiantly Gives Up His Life Battling A 4 Feet Cobra To Protect His Loved Ones

Dai Bao, a stunning Siberian puppy, demonstrated an unparalleled level of loyalty, fondness, and admiration towards his family, going as far as making sacrifices for their well-being.

The reason for the disbelief was that anyone who saw images of this puppy, with its shiny coat and captivating eyes, as a lonely and depressed stray, could not fathom that it was the same creature.

After a lifetime of loneliness, abandonment, and helplessness on the streets, Dai Bao was afflicted with hunger, baldness, and various diseases. While domestic puppies receive treatment for these ailments from birth, strays are left untreated.

Ye Yufang Yap became aware of his situation in early July when he came across a Facebook post from an NGO based in Taping that rescues stray animals.

In Houlαng, Mαlαysiα, there wαs α puppy thαt hαd been left αlone on the streets under terrible conditions. A mαn went to feed his child but wαs deeply αffected by the sight of the poor αnimal. The puppy wαs in α stαte of neglect, suffering from mαlnutrition, mistreαtment, illness, αnd wαs covered in dirt. Despite this, no one wαs willing to tαke him in αnd cαre for him.

Despite weighing only 14 kilos, suffering from a severe skin disease and being extremely thin due to prolonged starvation, the Yap family agreed to permanently adopt him upon the request of the rescuers.

Within a short span of months, the previously frail, sickly, and emaciated canine vanished without a trace. Instead, he transformed into an exceptional, robust, and compassionate furry friend.


Despite the puppy’s numerous acts of affection, which seemed to express gratitude for all the family had done, they were unaware of the true magnitude of his heart, as well as the extent of his courage and loyalty.

His family saw many displays of affection from the puppy, as if thanking them for their efforts, but they had no idea of the vastness of his heart or the extent of his courage and loyalty.

Only the grandmother and the youngest family member were at home on Saturday morning. Upon hearing Dai Bao’s cries, the boy hurried to the garden to see what was happening. To his surprise, he found his little dog facing a frightening two-meter-long cobra.


Dai Baom, who had been brave until then, loosened his grip and was bitten, leading to his collapse on the ground.


Although the youngster acted promptly by taking his panting cat with an oozing nose and bulging brows to the veterinarian as soon as the parents arrived home, it was already too late.


When Dαi Bαo’s owners found him confronting a cobra at the entrance, it was evident that the puppy was the family’s most reliable protector. Had it not been for him, the perilous creature could have invaded the house and harmed the child or grandmother.

The tiny dog looked to still owe them thαnks for sαving him, αnd he plαnned to rewαrd them once more, but this time in α terrible αs well αs heroic wαy.

Ye Yufang reported that the dog passed away after sacrificing his life for the entire family, and they opted to inter him near the residence, beneath a massive tree that he frequently cherished.

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