A Dog Whose Two Legs Were Broken Was Left With Only Rotten Food

I am always puzzled by how someone could abandon an innocent dog to take care of themselves on the street. Regrettably, this is not always the case.

Numerous heartless individuals exist who will readily forsake their pets without hesitation when they become inconvenient. It seems that this was the fate of a small stray dog who caught the eye of rescuer Shafi Taru.


After being abandoned, the canine was discovered in an isolated area with only a coat to keep her warm and a small amount of sustenance.


At that point, the feeble dog was consuming spoiled food. Upon learning about the dog’s heartbreaking history, Shafi realized she should lend a hand. She arrived at the site and found an extremely frightened and famished canine.

Shafi pondered about the identity of the heartless person who could commit such an act towards the dog. Nevertheless, she couldn’t afford to dwell on it for long as she needed to rush the dog to the veterinarian without any delay.


Fortunately, the dog was saved and taken to a vet, which was a positive outcome. It was discovered that she was experiencing a severe fracture. Shockingly, her back legs were broken in three different locations. Considering the severity of her injuries, it was not unexpected that the dog was in excruciating pain when she was rescued.


Taking it upon herself to aid in the dog’s recovery, Shafi named the small rescue “Nσtƙa”. Initially, Nσtƙa was very timid and kept to herself, showing little interest in interacting with others. However, with time and after undergoing surgery, Nσtƙa gradually emerged from her shell and became more sociable.

Shafi took her under his care to initiate the healing process. As she regained her health, Nótka found herself transformed with the aid of Shafi, and began to understand the true nature of being a pet.

The change she went through is truly remarkable!

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