“A Furry Friend’s Second Christmas in an English Shelter: Let’s Give Him a Home”

Meet Bentley, a charming three-year-old Staffordshire terrier who has been residing at an RSPCA shelter in Aylesbury, England for nearly 400 days. All Bentley dreams of is finding a loving family to call his own, and it would be ideal if he could find one before the upcoming Christmas season.

As per the statement of RSCA press officer, Amy Ockelford, “He was discovered living in extremely deplorable conditions when inspectors found him just before Christmas last year.” Fortunately, he was rescued and brought to safety where he received an abundance of affection and care. It has been 401 days since he came under our wing, and we hope that he’s blessed with good health and fortune. Bently’s situation is quite unusual as it typically takes around 36 days for dogs or cats to get adopted from the shelter. However, Bentley’s history of minimal interaction with his mother may be the reason for his difficulty in finding a permanent home.

Upon his arrival, Bentley faced some challenges getting along with other dogs and adjusting to new scents. It was evident that he had been neglected in terms of socialization and exercise. Additionally, his breed, the Staffordshire Terrier, unfortunately carries a negative stigma of being a dangerous breed.

Finding Staffordshire terriers can sometimes be challenging, but they are lovely dogs that make excellent companions for both adults and children. Unfortunately, they have an undeserved negative reputation. The shelter staff has been working hard to train and socialize Bentley, but his new owners will need to continue his training and understand that patience is required. Our team has put in a significant effort to boost his self-esteem and prepare him for unfamiliar situations, so whoever adopts him must be willing to continue that work.

Over the course of approximately 400 days, he has made tremendous strides in building his social confidence. He has a genuine affection for people, and those who work at the center where he lives affectionately refer to him as the King of Hugs. He is a kind and giving soul who appreciates affection from others.

Despite his friendly nature, Bentleys has yet to find the loving family he deserves, which leaves everyone at the center puzzled and saddened.

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