A happy dog’s goal shopping adventure has gone viral on social media with its incredibly special smiles

Target’s famous mascot, Bullseye the dog, may have to step aside as a new super cute furry friend takes center stage. Meet Zira, the four-month-old Corgi-Aussie mix who recently stole the hearts of Twitter users when her human mother, @virgoprincxss, shared photos of her shopping at Target. The happy pup was all smiles as Target was one of her favorite stores. With over 545k likes and 144k retweets, Zira’s infectious joy has spread across social media. However, it’s important to note that Target is not a pet-friendly store and only allows service animals. Zira’s owner was unaware of this policy at the time of the photoshoot and has since apologized. Let Zira’s adorable photos remind us to appreciate life’s small pleasures.

Take a glimpse at that joyful expression. Similar to most of us, she is clearly enjoying her shopping experience.

Her positive vibes have been circulating the internet, and she has gained widespread admiration.

She inspired numerous pet owners to share pictures of their furry friends having a great time shopping.

A few individuals were curious about Zira’s presence at Target since it is against the law to bring dogs without service credentials inside retail establishments.

Zira’s mom acknowledged her error and took to Facebook to express regret, sharing snapshots of Zira’s visit to PetSmart.

Zira is one content pup, always wagging her tail no matter the time or place. And on top of that, she’s the best shopping buddy you could ask for!

Zira easily won over the affection of the online community, with many feeling a strong connection to her joyful demeanor.

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