A Heartbreaking Tale of a Puppy Abandoned in an Armchair by the Roadside


How A Heartbroken Pup Lay Starving In An Armchair By Roadside Waiting For His Owner To Turn Up

Upon observing the pitiable state of the distressed and malnourished creature, who was perched on a chair, the animal control officer was moved to compose a poignant message.

An animal control officer made a distressing discovery – a puppy in a critical state of malnutrition. This unfortunate creature had been abandoned on an armchair, left unattended on the side of a street.

Sharon Norton, the dedicated animal control officer from the Brookhaven facility, received a report from a concerned citizen who witnessed a truck unloading furniture, including the helpless pup, onto Gaston Trail in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Upon her arrival at the scene, Norton found the dog perched on the chair, unwilling to move. She expressed her sorrow about the incident on social media.

Puppy dumped with chair, TV nearly starved waiting for owner

It’s truly heartbreaking to contemplate how someone could commit such a cruel act against an innocent puppy. Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that every action carries consequences, and karma will eventually catch up to those responsible.

After providing nourishment to the adorable little pup, Norton ensured that he received immediate medical attention from a veterinarian. Fortunately, the puppy is currently receiving excellent care and will soon be seeking his forever home through the adoption process.

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