A mother cat, exhausted from caring for her kittens, willingly allowed her dog friend to assist in taking care of them

Dasher the Golden Retriever’s best friend is a tabby cat. So, when the latter had children, it was only natural that he decided to take on the role of surrogate dad. A video shared on TikTok showing him taking care of the kittens moved many Internet users and quickly went viral.


cat who gave birth to 4 magnificent kittens is happy to be able to count on the precious help and kindness of her faithful friend, a dog called Dasher in this case. Their story is reported by Newsweek .

The family lives in the north of the state of Idaho, in the United States, and has a dozen Golden Retrievers as well as other animals. Its 4-legged members are the protagonists of the TikTok account ” @forevermoregoldens “, whose publications are followed by more than 56,000 subscribers.

One of these canids is therefore Dasher , whose sweetness and kindness break all records. This is what we can realize by discovering a video posted on March 15, 2023 on the social network, and where we see him lend a strong leg to the cat of the family who recently gave birth.

The mother in the tabby dress completely trusts Dasher and sees no problem in the latter taking care of her 4 kittens. Moreover, she is clearly delighted to benefit from this more than welcome help; she takes the opportunity to give herself a little respite while the Golden Retriever grooms the young felines and watches over them.


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The kittens are in good paws

The kittens, 20 weeks old when these images were filmed, are not unhappy with this comforting presence or the kisses received as a bonus. As for their mother, her eyes are half-closed, a sign of relaxation and confidence in cats.

Dasher and the cat obviously had the right to quality socialization during their youth to live such a harmonious cohabitation .

In one of the hashtags associated with this video, it is about blended family (“ #blendedfamily ”), an expression that perfectly describes the situation.

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