A pitiful, emaciated dog abandoned from a car finally gets a long-awaited chance to have a new life filled with love

Despite her loving heart and sweet personality, Violet’s family did not treat her with the love she wanted, instead showing her no regard for her safety, wellbeing, or feelings. All Violet ever wanted was to be a good dog so her family would love her, but unfortunately, she was given no chance.

Viollet was subjected to nothing but neglect and eventually her family decided to reject her entirely. They put her in their car, drove down a road in Clinton, Maryland, and cruelly pushed the terrified mastiff out of the car window.

The stranger travelling down Clinton Road was aghast to witness a large dog being thrown out of a car’s window like a discarded soda cup. They quickly pulled over and rushed to aid Violet, who was then taken to Prince George’s County Animal Control.

After being taken in by animal control, Violet was transferred to MUTTS Matter Rescue, who wanted to do whatever they could to assist the unfortunate, maltreated pup. Not only had Violet been abandoned from a car, she was also incredibly thin and had evidently been deprived of food for a considerable period.

Debbie Grets, a volunteer for Mutts Matter Rescue, had experience working with abused and dangerously underweight dogs, and was therefore chosen to take care of Violet.

Gretz’s heart shattered for Violet when she first met the poor pup and saw the terrible condition she was in, and she couldn’t help but start crying.

Gretz was determined to help the pup get her life back and provide her with the love and care she had been missing for a long time. The pup had had her life and self-respect taken away from her, but Gretz was committed to ensuring she would have a bright and cheerful future.

Violet was in a severely emaciated state, weighing only 60 pounds, with nasty pressure sores that had to be cleaned and bandaged.

When Gretz hugged her, she could feel every bone in the poor mastiff’s body, and her bloodwork showed the usual complications that follow starvation.

It was thought that Violet’s pressure sores were caused by being chained up for a long time, and her rescuers theorize that she has been kept locked up and used for breeding.

Despite all the trauma she had suffered, Violet hadn’t lost her faith in humanity. She soon developed a fondness for Gretz and would often come to him to rest her head in his lap, demonstrating her love and appreciation.

Violet slowly began to become healthier and stronger as Gretz fed her five small meals a day. She was able to master the stairs and had enough energy to go on walks and play with her friends.

Violet’s transformation was remarkable. After a few months, her pressure sores had completely healed and her weight had increased from a shocking 60 pounds to a beautiful 138 pounds. She was glowing with happiness.

Violet had a difficult and lengthy journey to recuperation, however, with Gretz’s unconditional love and hard work, she eventually flourished. Gretz provided Violet with not only the physical aid she needed to heal, but with the emotional and psychological care that she had yearned for.

Gretz has been an absolute blessing for Violet, transforming her from a scared and broken hearted dog into a cheerful, loving, and content pup. She is now surrounded by love and security, and takes advantage of every moment of her new life.

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