A poor dog was trapped up to its neck. Its fervent cries for its cubs made us heartbroken.ThuHa

Soner Buyumez, a veterinarian assistant, was at work on a farm in an isolated area in the Develi district of Kayseri, Turkey when an earthquake followed by a local landslide occurred. As he was crossing the road, he heard the cries of a frightened dog. Following the noise, he spotted a mound of soil where a dog had been trapped up to her neck. It was clear that the mother dog had survived the earthquake and had been able to dig a small den to keep her newborn puppies safe. Sadly, the slight tremors in the area had caused the collapse of her small area, and a mound of soil came tumbling down, trapping her and her puppies.

Buyumez, with the help of his friend, dug through the soil with their bare hands, calling out to the dog to come out. They finally freed the mother dog, but the work was not yet finished because her puppies were still trapped. The kind veterinarian tech and his friend continued pushing and digging the dirt out until, one by one, eight puppies emerged from the hole. Sadly, one of the puppies did not survive the ordeal.

The rescue effort took almost an hour, but Buyumez and his friend did not give up until all the puppies were safely rescued. He took the mother dog and her puppies home with him, where he will care for them until they are healthy and old enough to be adopted.

There are angels among us, and Buyumez and his friend proved it by helping these helpless creatures in their time of need. We should be grateful to people like them who go out of their way to help those who cannot speak. It is a heartwarming story that reminds us of the goodness that still exists in our world.

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