A stray cat develops a fondness for a dog in its neighborhood and pays him a daily visit, forging an unlikely friendship.KhanhNhu

Illustration: “A stray cat takes a liking to a dog in his neighborhood and visits him every day (video)”

Cay and his partner are the happy owners of Coconut , an Australian Shepherd , and 2 indoor cats. The young couple regularly walks their dog in the neighborhood, and very quickly, an unlikely visitor decided to join them.

An affectionate cat

While we were walking, a cat started following us,” Cay tells The Dodo . Coconut sniffed him, and the next moment he rolled onto his back. He meowed at her and purred. »

After this first meeting, the tabby cat accompanied Coconut and her masters on each of their daily walks. Cay thought the cat belonged to one of his neighbors, but that was not the case.

It was a stray cat that everyone in the neighborhood knew and fed. Everyone has their own name for them. We call him Bubba ,” Cay said .

A fusional link

Bubba knows where Coconut lives and has gotten into the habit of coming to play with her when she is in his garden. If he hears us [outside], he jumps over the fence and they immediately start playing. Almost every day he plays with Coconut ,” says Cay .

The latter was impressed by Bubba’s friendly side. Indeed, Cay already owns 2 cats, but none of them has wanted to play with Coconut until now. I think Bubba and Coconut were both looking for love and companionship, and I’m really happy they found it in each other ,” she said.

A cat made for the outdoors

Since Bubba has only known the street, Cay was initially hesitant to bring him into her home. At first, she let him in, while her other cats and Coconut were kept in a separate room.

Cay, however, quickly understood that this was not for him. He is very nervous inside, and I often find him meowing near the doors, waiting for me to take him out. We feed him inside to make him feel more comfortable, but he usually doesn’t eat until we let him into the garage. »

After a few months, Cay and his partner managed to “ spend a whole evening ” with Bubba inside. Eventually he went back outside for the night, but we found him on the patio couch in the morning…I hope this is a sign that he will venture inside more often!” »

The understanding between Bubba and the 2 cats in the household is not yet in good shape, but Cay is “ still working on it ”. In the meantime, the feline continues to spend quality time with his beloved Coconut , which seems to be all he needs to be happy.


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