A stray kitten melts the heart of a previously anti-cat dog and finds happiness

A simple encounter at a bend in the road can turn a life upside down. On Reunion Island, a kitten barely 2 weeks old was picked up by a good Samaritan. Fragile and lonely, he certainly wouldn’t have survived without this benevolent hand stretched out towards his cold little body. Subsequently, the puny creature was placed in foster care, where she learned the meaning of the words “love” and “safety”. She even got her “happy ending”! A testimony reported by the YouCare association.


With its creeks, waterfalls , mountains and natural ramparts, Reunion Island is a dream destination to get away from everyday life. It is in the heart of this paradisiacal land, that a tiny kitten wandered blindly, without mother or littermates by his side.

His youthful eyes remained closed, and the umbilical cord that connected him to his precious source of life lined his little belly. Loneliness accompanied him in a mist as dark as night…


By a happy coincidence, a volunteer from the Sauve ton bourbon et cie association came face to face with this sickly tramp.

Weak and breathless, the one who was baptized Fenwick received a breath of hope. That day, the furball said goodbye to the street, before joining his foster family.

A new start

This is how Fenwick was deposited in a cozy nest, where he savored the expressions of affection of a surrogate mother. Summer , one of the dogs in the household, was known to dislike cats . And yet!

The beauty in the fur coat failed to keep the door to her heart closed. How can you resist this lovesick kitten , who has gone through so many hardships, despite her (very) young age?

Filled with tenderness, Summer literally adopted him and took care of him as if he represented her little treasure. She helped him grow. His benefactors, for their part, had the mission of feeding him every day, for more than a month. Alas, the host family could not offer him room and board forever. Also, no local adopters have come forward to pick up the orphan.

Faced with this situation, the Sauve ton bourbon et cie team threw a bottle into the sea, to which the YouCare association responded. Around the age of 2 months, the young feline flew towards its future. Fenwick glided over the Indian Ocean and brushed past the clouds, before landing in Île-de-France .

A family for life

“ The day he arrived, we kept him at the association , explained Sandy of YouCare to the editorial team of Woopets , it was a playground for him! Dynamic and talkative, he only wanted to play. »

Immediately repatriated to France, the kitten aroused the interest of a mother and her child . “ We suggested that she become a foster family first, and we gave her a week to decide to adopt her definitively , continued our interlocutor, obviously, she cracked, because Fenwick is really too cute! »

If the volunteer hadn’t discovered the little one with the velvet paws, Death would certainly have offered him his icy kiss. Fenwick was very lucky. The lonely ex-barefoot now licks her chops happily. He grew up serenely, feeling sincerely loved.

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