A stylishly dressed dog who sells fruit at the market to help his poor owner has become a star in the hearts of millions.ThuHa

Her family is poor, she knows how to help her family go to the market to earn extra income, the story touched netizens !

In this competitive business age, salesmen always have to think of various creative techniques to attract customers. And a poor woman in Tainan City, Taiwan successfully employed dogs to sell items.

The 7-year-old dog named Xiaopi is dressed up by her owner (an older woman) with all types of styles, sometimes wearing a skirt, sometimes wearing a stylish scarf, looking like a true street seller. consume.

The uncle was assigned by her owner to sit and sell fruit with her to attract customers to buy, and the results were quite beneficial when this dog helped her sell a lot of fruit with a rapid spike in the number of customers. .

Xiaopi sells different sorts of fruits and vegetables depending on the season, sometimes watermelon, lychee, apple, sometimes onions, bamboo shoots or cabbage, etc.

Sales income has grown dramatically since Xiaopi started wearing costumes to sell fruit.

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