A week ago, a loyal supporter wrote to me. She told me about a sick puppy wander…

A week ago, a loyal supporter wrote to me. She told me about a sick puppy wandering around Chefchaouen alone. She noticed the puppy because a car had to brake hard and almost ran over the puppy. The lovely woman didn’t hesitate and took the puppy with her so that worse things didn’t happen. Abdo went to meet the woman and to collect the puppy. He took him straight to the vet where the little girl got her first vaccination and brought her to me. Because of our current distemper outbreak in the refuge, I took her to my home where I’m actually taking care of the little puppy girl.

The kind lady who found her named the little dog Lilou and Lilou has already undergone a small transformation after 2 medical chlorhexidin baths and a Nexgard Spectra treatment. (Watch our stories to see her a week after). It is amazing how easy you can help dogs who are suffering from scabies but it’s also outstanding how easy this disease can harm dogs like Lilou. Untreated it mostly weakens them so much that they’re open for any other diseases and in the end they die.

Lilou is now keeping Paco, Mama and Rin busy and she’s bringing joy to our household.

Lilou needs a second treatment with Nexgard and Panacur dewormer. She needs her second round of vaccinations soon and of course by time she needs to be neutered.

We hope that you will support little Lilou on her way ♥️

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