A woman lets her dogs out to play and they return home with a new brother, a story of profound humanity.ThuHa

When a dog is abandoned, the best-case scenario is that they’re found by a passer-by before being taken to safety. We don’t often hear of dogs befriending other abandoned dogs, so when a woman let her fur babies out to play in her rural neighborhood, the last thing she would have expected was for them to return with a new friend.

But that’s exactly what happened. Owner Sara Nisevic went to check up on her pooches when she was met with a very special kind of surprise. Her dogs were playing with a brown pup as if they had been friends for years, but Sara had no idea who he was.

He was a very friendly little dog, and now that he had become friends with her pooches, he seemed to know that he had to give it his best shot to win Sara over. She told The Dodo:

“As soon as we went out to say hi to the dog, he ran towards us and started asking for pets and kisses. I felt an instant bond with him and knew that this was our dog.

As Sara lives in such a rural area, she knew that the chances of the dog just wandering off and getting lost were very slim. It was more likely that he had been abandoned. Sara said:

“We live in the middle of nowhere, and we know all the dogs in the valley,” Nisevic said. “The area is unfortunately known for dumping dogs.”
Although Sara already had such a bond with the dog, she knew that the right thing to do was to be one hundred percent sure that he didn’t have an owner. First off she checked for a microchip before she began posting online to see if an owner would come forward.

But no owner ever came forward, so Sara took the dog in for herself. She named him Strudel and he seemed to settle into her home quickly. It’s like he chose Sara to be his new owner, as he knew that she would give him the love and care that he hadn’t been given in the past.

“Strudel is very polite and was polite from the second we met him,” Nisevic said. “When called to come inside, he was hesitant at first, but as soon as he was in, he made himself right at home.”

Sara noticed that Strudel had developed a special bond with her older rescue dog, Srna. To make sure he felt comfortable in his new home, she decided to make a large dog bed to fit the two buddies. The dogs instantly cozied up together, and Sara said:

“Since then, they’ve slept in that bed together every night.”
The family couldn’t be happier that Strudel is now a part of their lives, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

“He loves to lay with you in the bed and cuddle,” Sara told The Dodo. “Outside he is very playful. He is always bugging his big sister Srna to play, biting on her legs since he’s so small that it’s the only thing he can reach.”

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