Abandoned Dog Found Tied To Sled With Heartbreaking Note: “Too Old To Walk Anymore, Please Find Him A Loving Home”

Perry, a Pyrenees, was left tied to a sled outside the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association in Cazenovia, New York. His owner abandoned him overnight with just a cup of water and a note stating his age as “Over 10 years old.” Unfortunately, Perry was unable to move as he was strapped down in the sled. He couldn’t even walk when he was found.

When rescuers found Perry, he was immobile, frightened, and filled with sadness. Witnesses claimed that he appeared hopeless and had lost all motivation to live.

After being taken in by the shelter, Perry is now able to walk and his mood has improved. The shelter provided him with physiotherapy and laser treatments to help him recover. Perry had a skin illness and two types of Lyme disease, which may have contributed to his low spirits. His fur was also tangled, making movement challenging for him.

Perry’s identity has gone missing, but luckily, he’s feeling happier and more active now. The day he was saved, his picture was posted on the shelter’s website, and he has since received countless messages of encouragement from people across the nation. The shelter staff hopes to remind everyone that if they’re unable to care for their pets, there are resources available to help, and leaving them behind shouldn’t be an option.

Perry is getting a new home with his physiotherapist as he undergoes treatment, and there’s a chance you might be able to adopt him for good! Sadly, Perry’s previous owner, a 60-year-old man, was arrested for neglecting Perry’s veterinary care.

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