A Tale of Redemption: Abandoned Dog Rescued from SEPTA Tracks Finds a New Home with the Hero Who Saved Him

A Tale of Redemption: Abandoned Dog Rescued from SEPTA Tracks Finds a New Home with the Hero Who Saved Him

Despite his back legs being immobilized, Lucky relies on a wheeled cart to move around. Sidara Kid, who has provided a home for the two-year-old pit bull mix, hopes that one day Lucky will be able to walk again.

Four months after being discovered abandoned and also injured on SEPTA train tracks in Montgomery Area, Lucky the canine’s tale has a pleased ending.

Lucky, a pit bull mix who is two years old, was discovered abandoned and wounded on the SEPTA train tracks in Montgomery County. Following a four-month process of rescue and rehabilitation, Lucky has finally been adopted by Sidara Boy, the individual who rescued him. Despite experiencing immobility in his hind legs, Lucky’s new owner remains optimistic about his future recovery and hopes that he will regain the ability to walk.

Lucky, a pit bull mix, was found abandoned and injured on the SEPTA train tracks four months ago. Sidara Boy, a Philadelphia resident, joined forces with the Philly Rescue Angels to successfully rescue Lucky from the tracks despite his paralysis. Boy took on the responsibility of caring for Lucky during his rehabilitation period. However, when Lucky’s previous foster parent faced an emergency situation, Boy generously opened her doors once again, this time providing Lucky with a permanent home.

Lucky’s new mother is amazed at the remarkable transformation he has undergone since joining their family. The dog has effortlessly assimilated into Boy’s household, forming strong bonds with her other pets. All of Lucky’s past worries and troublesome behaviors have vanished, leaving no doubt that he has discovered his true place within the family.

The news of Lucky’s adoption was shared on social media by the Philly Rescue Angels, the organization that took the lead in rescuing and rehabilitating him. They reassured everyone that they would continue to fund Lucky’s medical expenses, which are expected to be significant due to the injuries he suffered on the tracks. Additionally, the organization had a heartfelt message for the individual who abandoned Lucky, expressing hope that they would witness the joyous life he currently enjoys and come to understand that their actions were ultimately unsuccessful.

Lucky’s journey has been an arduous and lengthy one, filled with challenges at every turn. Rescuers suspect that he sought refuge beneath trains for days on end, desperately evading the dangers of being struck before ultimately being rescued. Although he managed to survive, his spine had been tragically severed, leaving him paralyzed. Nevertheless, Boy remained an unwavering champion for Lucky’s welfare, even in the face of grim circumstances. She fiercely advocated for his care, adamantly rejecting any notion of euthanasia, and displaying a profound emotional bond with the dog.

Lucky, the patient at the University of Pennsylvania’s Ryan Vet Hospital, underwent a six-hour spinal surgery. The purpose of the operation was to implant two plates in his back, aiming to alleviate his pain. As a result, Lucky now depends on a wheeled cart for mobility.

By February, Lucky was prepared for adoption. However, due to his intricate medical and behavioral requirements, it was difficult to find an appropriate family for him. Nevertheless, Boy believed that their meeting was destined, enabling her to offer Lucky a new beginning and a permanent home.

In Philadelphia, Lucky is flourishing in his new life. He takes pleasure in going for walks, exploring the park, and engaging in playtime with his new siblings. The Boy has exciting plans to take Lucky on beach trips, as well as for leisurely walks and fishing escapades. Lucky’s health has shown remarkable improvement, and even though he currently enjoys zooming around using his wheels, the Boy remains optimistic that Lucky will eventually regain his ability to walk.


The incredible journey of Lucky, from being abandoned and injured to finding a loving home, demonstrates the remarkable strength of animals and the profound difference that compassionate individuals can make. Thanks to the tireless work of the Philly Rescue Angels and the unwavering commitment of Sidara Boy, Lucky has conquered tremendous obstacles and is now experiencing a life filled with love and joy. His story serves as a powerful inspiration, reminding us that every animal deserves an opportunity for a content and meaningful existence.

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