After A Successful Surgery, This Black Lab, Who Was Born With A Cleft Lip And Palate, Can Now Joyfully Participate In Water Play.

After A Successful Surgery, This Black Lab, Who Was Born With A Cleft Lip And Palate, Can Now Joyfully Participate In Water Play.

Felix is a black lab who was born with a cleft lip and palate.

At the tender age of 11 days, I welcomed Felix into my life as a puppy. Jamie, who saved and now owned Felix, shared with Bored Panda, “As the rescuer, I was contacted by the breeder when they observed that one of their litter’s puppies was not developing well due to a serious cleft palate and lip. The pup was unable to nurse from its mother and was on the brink of death from aspiration pneumonia. Time was of the essence, and without immediate intervention, the puppy wouldn’t have made it through the next day.”

Over the course of seven weeks, I provided tube feeding and attended to his pneumonia from the comfort of my home. As a result, he has grown into a 14-month-old adult Black Lab!

Having undergone surgery in January, he is now feeling more satisfied and fit than ever before.

Jamie stated that the cause of a cleft lip and palate is unknown, and it is a defect present at birth that affects both animals and humans. It is assumed that inadequate maternal nutrition or exposure to chemicals during pregnancy may be responsible for the condition.

Today, Felix made his first visit to a river after his surgery, with the aim of submerging his face in the water.

Regrettably, this adorable boy encounters multiple medical complications in addition to having a cleft lip and palate. Nevertheless, he remains determined to relish life! Owing to the abnormal placement of his colon, Felix also struggles with digestive issues. Oddly enough, this has proven to be effective. According to Felix’s owner, despite only having one functional eye, misaligned jaws, and a right side of his face that resembles a melted candle, Felix appears to be doing well. “Since his teeth don’t align properly, he primarily eats canned food. Occasionally, I try to give him hard food so he can feel like ‘part of the group,’ but it can be a challenge for him to scoop it up.” Nonetheless, this keeps him occupied.

He had an amazing time.

Jamie, the owner of Felix, informed Bored Panda that Felix underwent corrective surgery on January 31 to fix his clefts. Felix’s hard and soft palates were both impacted by his unilateral cleft palate. During the surgery, the doctor used Felix’s own tissue to reconstruct the roof of his mouth and even the missing soft palate. Since the operation, Felix has developed a neurological tic, most likely due to his skull shifting, causing him to periodically spin around and growl at the air. To help alleviate this issue, Jamie and Felix’s medical team are exploring new medications.

One year ago, “this would have been unimaginable.”

Felix’s owner told Bored Panda that prior to his surgery, the poor pup was unable to consume food or beverages in a conventional manner. She shared that she had to use a custom tool to clean his cleft each time he ate. Furthermore, Felix required regular sedation to allow the vet to properly sanitize the area. Living in Alaska, there were instances where a whole salmon skin became lodged in his cleft, and another time, a plastic dental flosser was found. It was a bit of a chaotic situation.

This is a photograph of Felix during his childhood.

Felix is blessed with a large and compassionate family comprising of four siblings. According to Jamie, who was heard by Bored Panda, she has a second dog named Sammy, an Australian Cattle Dog with a cleft that was not severe enough to require surgery. Jamie also owns a small dachshund named PB, who is 12 years old, an Alaskan terrier named Baby Girl from Bethel and Meera, a brindled whippet weighing about 20 pounds. All her pets, including her foster animals, are rescued, and they form a unique and diverse group. Jamie supports a vet who exclusively provides rescue services and is an exceptional individual. Felix’s siblings, his feline companion, and all the foster animals she brings home get along splendidly. Over the years, Jamie has fostered more than 400 pets since 2013.

And behold, he is maturing into a young man.

With his loving owner and siblings, Felix seems to be at ease and satisfied in his abode. According to Jamie, Felix is the most content pup she has ever had, bursting with boundless energy and oblivious to his health concerns. Recently, Jamie took him for his inaugural swim, and he excelled at it. She intends to teach him to become a proficient retriever this summer. Had he not undergone surgery, he would have drowned instantly if she had tried to get him into the water.

After undergoing three operations within three months, Felix has almost completely recovered and returned to his normal state.

Felix’s owner shared with Bored Panda that playing is undoubtedly his beloved pet’s favorite activity. The cheerful and vivacious dog will eagerly play with a ball for hours on end if you throw it to him. Despite undergoing surgery and having a feeding tube, Felix has made a remarkable recovery. He now eats and drinks normally and is incredibly strong. During the weeks when he had the feeding tube, his owner had to manually feed him liquid dog food. But Felix never complained and remained still throughout the process. His love for having something in his mouth made it particularly challenging because he couldn’t chew. Nonetheless, Felix has been a wonderful trooper, and his owner wishes him all the best for the future.

Two of Felix’s surgeries were required due to his consumption of two plush animals and a rock.

It is evident that Felix is greatly loved by his family. He enjoys spending time with other dogs, cats, and his cherished stuffed toys. However, his fondness for the plush animals became so intense that he consumed two of them, resulting in the need for surgical intervention.

Thus, this adorable Labrador is similar to other well-behaved Labrador males.

The owner of Felix expresses that witnessing his recovery from the operations is the most fulfilling reward, stating, “He is such an amazing child. His contentment is truly remarkable.”

Furthermore, his recent ingestion of a deceased avian caused him to become extremely unwell.

According to Bored Panda, Jamie expressed her happiness for having Felix in her life, despite people advising her to get rid of him. She stated that Felix is a firm believer in spaying or neutering dogs, overcoming challenges, and embracing unique fashion choices that set one apart from their peers.

His owner says he’s quite a handful, but everything is okay now!

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