After they promoted him on social media for adoption, people started making fun of his appearance, and creating memes based on his look

In general, numerous of the saved tykes that are born with a health problem that affects their physiognomy aren’t generally the first option to take home, since some people believe the appearance is more important than the passions of the beast.

A sad illustration of this we’ve Chupete, a sweet puppy dog of roughly a month and a half old that nothing wants to borrow because of the size of his head.

Chupete was born with a rare complaint called hydrocephalus, which causes his head to have that size, so moment he’s looking for a home and a loving family to help him with his medical studies, in addition to his treatments. still, after the Frias Nose Foundation revealed his story, several Internet druggies began making fun of his condition, ultimately creating memes grounded on his appearance.

” I suppose there’s nothing further beautiful in this world than a puppy dog, and indeed more so if this is a phenomenon of survival,” said Claudia Patricia Martinez, one of those in charge of the civil deliverance reality, through a videotape published on Facebook.” Chupette did not have to be born; in fact, the warhorse told us that he failed because part of his brain mass was outside his head,” she admitted.

In addition to hydrocephalus, the puppy dog has a slight divagation in his eyes that makes himcross-eyed.” He is partial squinting like that, but it gives him that touch of tenderheartedness,” Claudia says, who has devoted herself to promoting him on social media in order to find him a home, because he urgently needs the warmth of a loving family, as well as the necessary treatments to get out of that health problem.

” Please, if you’re in a position to borrow, suppose of Chupete, he’s a good puppy dog,” Claudia said in the videotape.” Without a mistrustfulness, the family that decides to borrow him will take away that little gift that God gives to saviors ,” she added. For the time being, the small canine is housed at the Narices Frias Foundation’s Gamaliel Shelter, but he’s looking for a new home.

still, after a many days of promoting him on social media, Claudia discovered that several Facebook meme runners had posted the puppy dog to make fun of him rather than contribute to his relinquishment.

” To everyone who sees these memes, please help me clarify that he’s over for relinquishment, that he needs a home and that he’s in the#RefugioGamaliel de Narices Frias,” she wrote.

” It does not bother me in the least that ordinary people dismiss his delicate clinical condition and make fun of the size of his small head; what I would like is for everyone to know that he’s looking for a home where he can begin the treatment he needs.”” It’ll save your life,” she added.

Likewise, he blazoned that Chupete is looking for generous godparents to help him with the pussycats of a tomography and someX-ray studies.

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