Alma Is Finally Free!!


Hello, the video you’re about to watch is incredible; this is the moment we’ve been anticipating since the beginning. We found Alma two weeks ago trying to flee, terrified of everyone, while carrying a sizable tumor on her leg. Since then, we have been working to get to this point, where we are at a loss for words.

You need to consider whether this is normal and whether everything happened yesterday The surgery was a huge success, it was something like four and a half kilos, or nearly 9.7 pounds; I mean, really, when she woke up from the procedure, she was free; it was unbelievable that she wasn’t carrying that monster any longer.

I’m going to start documenting annma’s New Life, and I’ll be showing you each day how she’s doing.

This dog has everyone’s attention because she is stunning, kind, and soft, but most importantly because she is an incredible survivor.

Thank you so much for your assistance; in the days to come, we’ll be awaiting lab results to determine what type of tumor she has. She deserves this and so much more.

chemotherapy will begin, so everything is good, what an amazing amazing

Stunning tale I appreciate you so much for




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