Amazing Mountain Rescue of Dog Who was Missing for 12 Days


A Bernese Mountain Dog who had been missing on a mountain for nearly two weeks was dramatically rescued. Two-year-old Ohly was being walked with another dog and a friend of his family on a snowshoe trek in an area of the mountain called Suicide Gully in North Vancouver, British Columbia in the middle of November. However, because Ohly suffered from separation anxiety, Ohly took off looking for his owner, Steve Goad, and the rest of his family.

A dog was rescued by a search and rescue team from a dangerous mountain

Ohly just after he was rescued. Photo: Flicker

Dog lovers coordinated rescue efforts on a Facebook page set up by the Goad family to assist with finding their dog. The Goads had been searching for Ohly with the help of volunteers and friends. They also hired a pet searcher to see if a bloodhound could catch Ohly’s scent. When Ohly was spotted the two weeks after his disappearance, volunteers attempted to coax him to them with food, but he kept running away.

Volunteers attempted to rescue a dog stranded on a mountain

Volunteers camped out, 2 days prior to Ohly’s rescue. Photo: Facebook

With increased snowpack and dangerous weather conditions on the mountain, authorities became concerned for the general public’s safety. The area is known for avalanches and treacherous terrain.

Suicide Gully, where Ohly was found.

North Shore Search and Rescue sent out a helicopter along with teams of their highly-trained volunteers and located the dog trapped in the deep ravine.

One of the members of the North Shore Search and Rescue team (Ryan), filmed video of the rescue effort. Shot from 1st person perspective, it gives a great view of entering Suicide Gully to get to Ohly. Ohly makes an appearance towards the end at the 10:41 minute mark.

Ohly was so happy to see rescuers!

A Bernese Mountain Dog was rescued after 12 days after he ran away on Mount Seymour. Photo: Flicker

Ohly, happy to be rescued. Photo: Flicker

After Ohly was secured, he was helicoptered out to safety.

North Shore Search and Rescue used a helicopter to transport Ohly from the mountain. Photo: Flicker

His family was there to meet him when he exited the helicopter. Remarkably, when checked over by a veterinarian, Ohly was a dehydrated and had a small fever, but otherwise all right.

Ohly heading home. Photo: Facebook

His owners posted thanks and news of their reunion on the Find Ohly Facebook page, “Thank you to all the volunteers, Facebook supporters, and North Shore Search & Rescue for bringing Ohly home,” posted the Goad family. “Best Christmas present ever.”

Ohly getting rehydrated. Photo: Facebook


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